lunes, 30 de enero de 2012

New one

When you find the code, publish it as a comment. this is the riddle

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  2. "Balancin" riddle

    We resolved today the riddle titled "Balancin"
    Is based on the formulas "The total Moment of Forces have to be zero (in order not to be rotation effect) (–attention moment does not mean "time"). So
    Mtotal = M – M’ = 0
    Moment of a force mean (is equal) with force x distance
    (distance means perpendicular to force (which is vertical) so the distance is horizontal). The forces are Weight 1 and 2 and are echivalent with G = mg and distance are "a" and "b"
    M = Ga and M’ = G’b
    So, Ga – G’b = 0 results Ga = G’b and G /G’ = b /a
    An inverse proportion between forces and distances
    (The report of forces is equal with the inverse report of distances), that means small force have a big distance and big force have a small distance.
    We resolve today at class, so thanks for the riddle.
    The schematic is in jpg and is publish in the TwinSpace of the Project at the Folder "Riddles"
    The code is 2412

    Pupils who work in "Fermat Room" Project from Communication Technical College Cluj-Napoca, Romania